Submit A Guest Post

If you’re looking to submit a guest post for exclusive publication on this blog, please visit my Contact page. I am happy to publish any guest post that is written to a quality where it can be easily edited and understood — I will do any editing of spelling and grammar that is required.

Feel free to include a byline, and I will leave all appropriate links within all text — no links to pornography or gambling.

I will also send significant edits back to you for your final approval.

The final decision as to whether to publish your article rests with me.

Guest posts will be published on any day other than Saturday, and when I get round to it. The reward for writing one is a trustworthy link (or links) to your own personal site — I am unable to offer cash payment.

Although this is a general blog, I am most interested in the following types of post:

1. Amusing.

2. About Metal.

3. About Poetry.

4. About Writing.

5. About Words/Grammar.

6. About Internet/Blogging.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to this blog!


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