Request A Guest Post

Just like submitting a guest post, to request a guest post you should go to my contact page.

If you want a guest post written for your blog, just give me a subject and an approximate word limit, and I’ll send you the finished post as soon as possible. What I want in return is for all content and links to remain unchanged. If you’re really not happy with anything in the finished post, you can of course reject it, or request that I make changes and send it again.

If you want professional copy, my girlfriend is a very talented writer who does quality freelance copywriting work. She has also written professionally for online arts and urban exploration site Urban Ghosts Media.

If she’s too busy to take on your job, send it my way (again, use my contact page), and I’ll see if I’ve got some spare time from my full-time job, blog-writing and creative writing to make something special for you — but it’s very unlikely to be cheap, as my free time is valuable to me.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll deal with all emails as soon as I can get round to them.


One thought on “Request A Guest Post

  1. umutulas says:

    Thank you very much for the information provided. very nice site.

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