Miscellaneous Blog Posts Written By Mysterious Young Talented And Handsome Strangers

These posts have all been written by oddly charismatic and attractive strangers, who are vaguely reminiscent of someone you know. These strangers do not make mistakes — honest — but blog editors sometimes do. Just sayin’.

The Best Stories Of Reunion Made Possible By The Internet

When I say “best”, I mean “Most interesting. To me.” This is a very specific and unusual use of the word “best” and its accuracy is debated by scholars of semantics, however these stories of reunion are pretty bizarre. These guys are using up all the cool stories so you don’t have any to tell that hot (whoever you’re into), meaning that they are directly responsible for that time you were unable to do anything but make “marp, marp” noises while trying to talk to them. Let’s get ’em!

Reunion Stories

Three of the Strangest Things Inspired By…Printer Ink Cartridges

Spoiler alert: not that strange in relation to the rest of the world. They are, though, quite cool in parts. It’s certainly interesting, and I’m sure there’s some ways to use ink cartridges with other materials that would be even more impressive.

Ink Cartridge Art

Empty Rewards: How Facebook Hijacked Your Mind

This was one of the first, and one of the best, blog posts I wrote while working in my current position. All of the apostrophes and e-acutes have been edited out, for some reason, but I still think it makes sense.

Facebook Game Psychology

Internet Eyes: I Could Be Watching You Right Now (For A Nominal Service Charge)

Internet Eyes seems to me to offer a creepy and somewhat dystopian service, but it may be a little telling that what really bothers me is the low amount of money that they give people.

Mass Surveillance

Three Of The Most Idiotic Crimes On CCTV

Cor, it’s the bleeding perlickal creckness gawn mad, it is, I tells yer. It’s not, it’s just a few one-off stupid or inexplicable things caught on CCTV. Why the hell would you steal a garden gnome?

Caught On Camera

Who To Watch For The London 2012 Summer Paralympics

These are the promising athletes I will be watching eagerly at the London 2012 Paralympics. I really hope you’ll join me, I’m looking forwards to it, although the many sub-categories and so on do confuse me a bit.

Summer Paralympics

Three Creative & Artistic Ways To Use Hardware Store Items

Sculptures made of things you wouldn’t expect them to be made out of! Masking tape everywhere! Serial killer’s house, or the house of an artist? Who knows? I certainly don’t, except that’s a lie I do they’re artist things and that’s why I made this blog post about the artist things. THANK YOU.

Hardware Art

Should The Blade Runner Compete In The Olympics?

The answer is yes, unless you’re quite mad. The man is not at an advantage. There is no slippery slope.

Oscar Pistorius

The 3 Simple Rules for Designing Attention Grabbing Furniture

AS A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER actually I am not a professional designer but I think that these tips are probably worth taking a look at.

Attention Grabbing Furniture

4 Strange Objects Made Of Wicker

These are certainly unexpected wicker items! If you come from a very small village, well then, you just hold on to your hat, mister! Warning: may contain attempts at humour.

Wicker Sculpture

From Cyclops To Dazzler — The Complete Comic Book Spectrum

This suffers from the same problem as that comic book article down there. Or it might not. The reason I bring this up in such a peculiar manner is that I wrote these little descriptions from the bottom post up.

Light Superheroes

The History Of Light In Music And Festivals

This one got some favourable feedback from people. It is what it says: The History Of Light In Music And Festivals.

Light In Festivals

Best Worst Comic Book Characters Ever

These are some pretty bad comic book characters, you guys. This might have been the one in which some pretty important stuff, like entire clauses and paragraphs, were left out, but that might have been the other comic book guest blog post, I forget.

Worst Comic Book Characters

The 5 Most Amazing Light Shows On The Internet

Probably the most amazing light shows on the internet, ever. I’m paraphrasing an advert second hand so that you can trust in my sincerity, and my beautifully-manicured yet manly and strong fingers only serve to seal that particular deal, friend.

Amazing Light Shows

Terrifying Lighting Mistakes

Pfft, that George Galloway likes to make a fuss, dunn’ee? This isn’t about George Galloway, instead it’s a blog post about some rather standard lighting errors. You can read the post if you really want.

Terrifying Lighting Mistakes

Fun Ways To Customise Festival Costumes

You may not know it but festival costumes can indeed be customised. Some go to inordinate lengths to properly garnish their clothing, but these people are popinjays and possibly dandies, and are not to be trusted.

Light Customisation

Postcode Finders, Facebook & Google: Is The Paper Phone Book Dead?

What with all the things on the internet, it can be difficult to know what’s going on. Here is my attempt to not answer questions that have already been answered satisfactorily by many other people, in an attempt to preserve that sacred mystery that draws us in like a musky fox.

Death Of The Phone Book

The History Of Ink – From The Dark Ages To The Printer Era

The only post written without a pseudonym…but for how long? I do like this one, although it took too long to research.

History Of Ink

Why The British Have Great Teeth

Not sure about my own teeth…not seen a dentist for about two years, but then again I had braces at school, so maybe I’ve got more American teeth anyway…

British Teeth

These are posts written by me, Jimmy MacGregor, under a variety of pseudonyms. More have already been published, and I will find space to post links to them here when I have time.

If you were looking for posts by Sarah Rudston, click this link.

If you were looking for posts about Urbex or Urban Art by Tom Moran or Sarah Rudston, who I am currently working with, click one of these links.


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