Things I Am Doing

I sometimes go quiet for fairly long stretches. Sorry about that.

If you’re interested, these are the kinds of things I tend to be doing during these long stretches. Or in this case the kind of thing I am doing right now.

Learning HTML & CSS (& Javascript)

Thanks to Codecademy, this is so easy it’s ridiculous. It eases you into the learning process as gently as a scared newborn piglet attempting to suckle from a hedgehog.

Learning Java

This is harder. The ultimate aim of this is to…

Design And Complete A Vast Non-Linear 2D RPG/Strategy Hybrid

Should take a little while.

Edit The Novel I Wrote During NaNoWriMo

Looking to focus on this during this year’s NaNoWriMo.

Getting My Poetry Published In Magazines

I have written some poems I’m happy with, so in a way I feel like I’ve ‘completed poetry’. I feel like I should push myself further here, so I’m going to.

Inventing Puns

Why was the Catholic protestor arrested?

He was being in-a-pope-riot.

Proclaiming That Science Is Badass

It really is, especially at the moment.

Life Stuff

Finding people to take my room, trying to keep up with cool games, working for a living, analysing metal until I take all the fun out of it for myself and others, basically doing enough things that take up enough time that I’ll only rarely be able to update here.

Hopefully when I do it’ll be somewhat entertaining.

…this one doesn’t count.


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