Is Water A Ghost?

I have created this helpful infographic for people who are not sure whether water is a ghost or not.

Is Water A Ghost? Infographic

Photos by Steven Depolo and Adam & Tess, some rights reserved.

So what did you do with your day?

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12 thoughts on “Is Water A Ghost?

  1. danielizzard says:


  2. lucysixsmith says:

    Good to know that England in these days of drought is at least that bit less haunted.

  3. lucysixsmith says:

    …on the other hand, the more the icy in the Arctic melts, the more haunted Bangladesh will be. Cheerful thoughts all round. Apologies.

  4. lucysixsmith says:


    I’ll go away now.

  5. Excellent! — I’ve just realised today that the anthology thing is REALLY CLOSE. It’s going to be great to meet back up with everyone.

  6. Someone asked me why dog ghosts are not invisible. Well, dog ghosts look like dogs, they couldn’t look like dogs if they were invisible could they.

    Sometimes people seem to lack any sort of capacity for logical thinking.

  7. Ghosts I don’t know about, but I thought people were about 70 % water…. 😉

  8. […] don’t even think about creating some parody infographic – it’s already been done.A lot.Hoard Your StatsGather together as many pointless but pretty images and statistics as you can, and […]

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