True vs. Trve vs. Troo

Now, a lot of people get confused by all the true-ness flying about in metal these days, so I’m making it as simple as possible, lest ye be laughed at for using the wrong incorrect spelling of true in the wrong context, or the incorrect spelling of true when the correct spelling of true was required. Bear in mind that the definitions I give may just be the ones I come across most in my own little circle…

It occurs to me that that explanation was not as simple as possible.

Alright, fine:

True = Energetic, Excitable, Possibly Oiled, Lacking In Irony:

In a word?


Shut up, that is totally one word and not three mashed together.

Troo = Death Metal, Misanthropic, Filthy, Mindless Aggression:

In a word?


Trve = Black Metal, Misanthropic, Underground, Raw:

In a word?


That’s the basics of the trues, trves and troos, as far as I am aware. If I fucked anything up – or indeed fvcked anything up – be sure to tell me in the comments.

Or if I left anything out, for that matter.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, this is awesome.

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