And Now For Something Completely Different…

Well, it’s a new year, I’ve got new albums (Immolation, Trelldom and Mastodon), I’m moving into a new house, I’m in a new job, and my new girlfriend is being great. So I thought I’d post something new. Or, well, different, at least.

For the past few weeks, I have been messing about with (a photoshop-like program, available through the link).

A couple of things to clarify first:

1) It is not MS Paint.

It is far superior to MS Paint in many ways, the most obvious improvements being the clone stamp and the layering options, as well as the infinitely useful magic wand selection tool.

2) It is not Photoshop.

It is designed for creating new things, mostly. Consequently, it’s much easier to draw something on it than it is in Photoshop (for me, anyway), but not nearly as sophisticated if you want to mess about with an existing photo.

The userbase have come up with some nice mods and add-ons if you visit the forums, though, and those are well worth a look for their helpful tutorials and cool little widgets to download.

3) The site is riddled with deceptive and dubious adverts.

Hover your mouse over all download buttons to make sure it’s not a Google Ad disguised as a download button. I’m not sure if it’s dangerous to click ’em or not, but I certainly wouldn’t risk it. So long as you’re careful, though, the site is entirely legit.

I do recommend downloading, especially if you don’t have the cash for Photoshop.

Anyway, here is some of the stuff I made on PDN. Hoping to use some of these images (or variations on them) on some other projects eventually!

Blazing Skull With Organic Celtic Design

Skulls are awesome. Fact.

Organic Celtic Design With Dragon And Hooded Troll Figure

However they are not as awesome as either dragons or vengeful nature spirits. This one was much more fun to plan out and draw, and took absolutely ages. The actual time in PDN couldn’t have been more than a half hour to an hour.

Geometric And Celtic Organic Pattern Featuring Bees

This last one has a little border on each side. I’m hoping to use it as the cover for something, one day. I’m pretty happy with this one, too.

I hope to continue making little things like these, but I do have other things to focus on. Currently moving house, doing my work and keeping this blog generally up to date are my main focal points, with an option on editing my novel and poems, secondarily writing new poems, and then on writing and completing some science fiction short stories I’ve had on the go or in my head for quite some time. Consequently, getting better at and continuing to create these designs is not at the top of the list.

Also, I happen to like symmetricality. So I will carry on making them symmetrical.

Chung…chung chung…chang (chang chang chang chang chang chang…)…

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2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different…

  1. stromatoliteful says:

    I’ve just downloaded it through your recommendation, it looks great so far

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